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We are reaching out to people with interest for Anatomy, health, body care and well-being. You may already own your practice or would like to start a new. We can help you with financing or leasing. We offer a complete marketing package and full training. The potential for high and fast earnings are great. In addition to permanent fat removal without surgery, the devices can be used to pain treatment, facial lifting, wrinkle removal and firming. We offer Scandinavia’s most exclusive and complete concept for health, beauty and treatment. Together with our natural remedies this makes us the complete health provider!

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Audrey Wong Mortensen

Audrey Wong Mortensen has experience in skin and body therapy, holistic nutrition, herbal medicine and feng shui. Many years of experience as a herbalist and beauticians are behind the developments of Dui natural skin care products. The skin care line is based on Chinese herbal medicine and with a holistic approach and prevents and treats scars, couperose, acne, cellulites, varicose veins and many other conditions.Dui Clinique has since 1997 been known for its revolutionary scar treatment, chinese facelift and acne treatment. The pigment treatment is unique to Dui Clinique and is the only one of its kind in the world. Chinese medicine is based on the endless movements and changes in nature. It is necessary to maintain balance in an ever-changing environment. To achieve this, Audrey Wong from Singapore developed the Dui concept - an East-meets-West combination of nature and technology that promotes feelings of harmony and well-being that are fundamental to a good and healthy life.When combining Octagon Face & Body painfree treatmennt with Dui herbal blends this provides a healthier skin, firmer muscles and connective tissue and give you a beautiful and youthful apperance

Happy customers

I am so happy!


Elin Uyttendale: I got the stretch marks after the pregnancy and birth of my first child. It was a traumatic experience since I was only 22 years. I thought I had to live with this for the rest of my life.

I've now had 10 treatments with Dui Clinique on my stretch marks and I'm very happy with the result.My stomach looks so much better. Stretch marks are reduced, both in size and visually. My stomach is smaller and tighter.

No more pain in my scar!


Oddrun Elis Elmer: In 1993 I was diagnosed with Bullous Emphysema and had to remove the left lung. This led to major pain in the scar and I was diagnosed with Macclouds syndrome. I tried various treatments without success. Then I heard about Dui scar treatment and have now received 12 treatments with Chinese scar treatment at Dui Clinique. After a few treatments the pain was reduced, the scar less visible, skin smoother and the scar is not so deep. Today I am almost completely pain free. I have more energy and feel that I function better both at work and at home.

Cryo 21 is simply awesome!

Balanse og velvære

Balanse & Velvære/ Studio Figura: We have very exciting days at the salon. The Cryo treatment is simply awesome!!! Today a customer lost 6.5 cm in 3 different measurement on the stomach. People are standing in line for treatments!!!! We have a waiting list for we can not treat everybody. We should get some more hours a day and we should also have more machines! Thanks to Audrey Wong Mortensen and Nils Christian Mortensen as distributor in Norway. This is an excellent investment for both you and us.

The Client is over the moon!

Cryoklinikken Porsgrunn

Cryoklinikken Porsgrunn: I have been using Cryo 21 on a customer with whiplash and therefor tight muscles in the face. One treatment could do more than years of physiotherapy and manual therapy, acupuncture and massage. The man is over the moon :-)


I also got amazing results with Cryo treatment on burn injuries. The customer got 2-degree burns and was in great pain. After just two 8 minutes treatments, only a little redness remained.

Natural skin care

The products in Dui Natural Skin Care Line is made of the latest and best ecological approved ingredients and ensures that your skin gets the best possible treatment! Dui skin care offers a complete line of products from cleansing milk to moisturizing creams and herbal mixes. The skin care line is based on Chinese herbal medicine with a holistic approach and and prevents and treats scars, couperose, acne, cellulite, varicose veins and many other conditions.

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